Engineering Group


The Greenbrier Europe Engineering Group consists of three prestigious engineering offices: ICPV based in Arad / Romania, Astra Rail Project based in Poprad / Slovakia and Enginering Deparment of Wagony Świdnica based in Świdnica / Poland.

Greenbrier Europe Engineering Group is the biggest in our sector of rail freight business and specialized in the design, development and testing of rolling stock and bogies. Astra Rail Project contributes more than 20 years of experience, ICPV more than 40 years and Engineering Department in Wagony Świdnica more than 65 years. The three offices are  Greenbrier - Astra Rail parts and Companies. They also cater to the needs of many high-profile manufacturers operating in the European rail industry. 

Design with the aid 3D Packages

This group are using SolidWorks Package and Solid Egde Packages to develop and design freight wagons. 3-D models, with a large component groups and components, enables the modular and flexible designing of freight wagons with parts available from the components library.

Interference and collisions verified between movable parts can be simulated with the aid of this design technology. Changes to the design and construction are easily implemented using this system.

Development time, which has been cut by 25 to 30 percent, and the avoidance of planning errors are advantages that represent huge value added for our customers.

High quality and safety of optimized constructions is due to the work over 30 years with FEA computing systems such as SW Simulation Premium, Ansys and Nastran NX for static strength, non-linear analysis, buckling, natural frequency, dynamic response, contact analysis and the package Universal Mechanism for multibody dynamic running simulations.

Contact Persons

Head of Engineering - Poland

Contact:Dionizy Studziński
Phone:+48 74 856 21 80
Telefax:+48 74 856 21 81

ICPV – Design Testing Railcars

29-31 Aurel Vlaicu Street
310141 Arad, ROMANIA

Contact:Cornel Raicov
Phone:+40 257 202 154
Telefax:+40 257 270 724

Astra Rail Project

Mnohelova 3a
05801 Poprad, SLOVAKIA

Contact:Jozef Blcha
Phone:+421 52 3210 312

Wagony Świdnica – Engineering Department

Strzelińska 35
58-100 Świdnica, POLAND

Contact:Tomasz Szmidt
Phone:+48 74 856 22 00
Telefax:+48 74 856 21 81