Service range for the railway industry


At Astra we know that the success of our company is underpinned by several pillars:

Alongside premium products and competitive prices, reliability, delivering to deadlines and comprehensive service are an integral part of what we do.

Long after purchasing, our customers are supported by our service excellence and can rely on their personally assigned contact in the company.

Service in our company means that we carry out maintenance and repair on railcars and bogies and, if necessary, completely refurbish them.

One of the unique selling propositions of our services includes the developing and testing of technical equipment and railcars. As part of this exceptional service, we operate ICPV, a prestigious engineering office located in Arad, and AstraRail Project which is based in Poprad.


ICPV and AstraRail Project - railcar design and testing

ICPV and AstraRail operate as our construction and development teams as well as an independent testing laboratory. The two engineering offices develop railcars and bogies for in-house production and are commissioned by external companies to carry out development contracts. …