Eanos 82.5 m³

4-axle open box wagon

Eanos 82.5 m³ 3D
Eanos 82.5 m³ 3D


  • This open-top box wagon is suitable for transportation of weather resistant materials mainly of bulk goods (coal, ore, stone, briquettes, scrap) as well as piece cargoes.
  • The wagon can be loaded via top box opening or via four openings (1,800 x 1,800 mm) after double wings doors release.
  • The wagon design meets the requirements of TSI, EN, UIC standards and has TEN GE marking for traffic operation.


            • Wagon can be unloaded at side by rotary tipplers via top box opening or mechanical/manually via four openings (1,800x 1,800 mm) after double wings doors release.

                  Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.



                  Axle load22.5 t / axle
                  Track gauge1,435 mm
                  Loading gaugeG1-TSI
                  Brake regime”S”
                  Brake typeGP (K)
                  Max. speed at 90,0 t100 km/h
                  Max. speed at (unloaded)120 km/h
                  Climate conditionT1
                  Rmin (single wagon)35.0 m
                  Length over buffers15,740 mm
                  Tare weight~ 24.0 t
                  Payload~ 66.0 t
                  Loading opening14,490 x 2,720 mm
                  Loading area39.4 m2
                  Loading height1,235 mm
                  Floor plate6 mm
                  Box plates4 and 6 mm
                  Bogie typeY25Ls1-K