Faeeprrs (SSDT)

Super self discharging train

Faeeprrs (SSDT) 3D
Faeeprrs (SSDT) 3D


  • Known as the Super Self Discharging Train, the train which is 600 meters in length, consists of permanently coupled rakes, each rake has 6 or 4 wagons, with an incorporated conveyor discharging system. The train is suitable for effective transport of gravel, ballast, sand and mixed minerals.
  • Each rake consists of a power unit fitted with a diesel engine which powers the hydraulic, electric and pneumatic systems. These systems assure the movement of the discharging system. The other wagons are end units or intermediary units. Via the conveyor, the product is transferred into outside bunkers or directly to other vehicles (road vehicles or rail vehicles) using a special equipped transfer wagon, which operates at the end of the train through a rotating arm.
  • The wagon design meets the requirements of TSI, EN, UIC standards.


    • Transported load of the whole train is discharged by the trains continuous conveyor line.
    • Load is bulked on a pile by the transfer wagon operating conveyor at the side of the track, or directly into other vehicles (road or rail).
    • Transfer wagon conveyor turn of max. 270°, with maximum inclination of 24°, with a discharging distance of 14.5 meters maximum from axis of the rail.
    • Discharging can be done by the remote control.
    • The dust from moved load is reduced by the water spray system.
    • Possibility is to connect more wagons to one longer train.

      Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.



      Axle load22.5 t / axle
      Track gauge1,435 mm
      Loading gaugeG1-TSI
      Brake regime”S”
      Brake typeGP (K)
      Max. speed (loaded)100 km/h / 60 mph
      Max. speed (unloaded)120 km/h / 75 mph
      Climate conditionT1
      Rmin (single wagon)75.0 m
      Length over buffers6U - 74,640 mm, 4U - 51,120 mm
      Length over buffers with transfer wagon6U - 94,280 mm, 4U - 70,760 mm
      Tare weight6U - ~ 167.7 t, 4U - ~ 116.5 t
      Payload6U - ~ 372.3 t, 4U - ~ 243.5 t
      Loading volume6U - 298.7 m3, 4U - 193.5 m3
      Discharge rate~ 1,000 t / hour
      Material of boxCarbon steel
      Bogie typeY25Ls1-K