FLA 2 x 40´

8-axle UK container wagon (lowliner)

FLA 2 x 40´ 3D
FLA 2 x 40´ 3D


  • This wagon with 2 platforms is designed for transportation of 9’6” high 2500 mm wide containers within W8 and SB1-C gauge on a loading deck of 40’. Wagon platforms are connected by the tie rod.
  • This is achieved through the use of the LTF13 bogie and Ø540 mm wheels.
  • This wagon is designed according to TSI, EN, Group Standards for UK traffic operation.


  • 20’ and 40’ containers 2500 mm wide and 9’6” high according to UIC within W8 gauge.

Loading possibilities are in accordance with the loading diagram.

Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.

Axle load13.0 t / axle
Track gauge1,435 mm
Loading gaugeW6-A TSI
Brake regimeUK
Brake typeGP-A-K
Max. speed 75 mph
Climate conditionTRIV
Rmin (coupled)70 m
Length over buffers28,890 mm
Tare weight34.0 t
Payload70.0 t
Loading height715 mm
Bogie typeLTF13
Wheel diameter540 mm
Bogie wheel base1,800 mm