Laaers L02A

2x2-axle wagon, Series Laaers – open car carier for transportation of automobiles and vans

Laaers L02A 3D
Laaers L02A 3D


  • This wagon is designed for the transportation of automobiles and vans.
  • The upper loading platform can be adjusted in increments of 75 mm from 1640 mm to 1940 mm final height. Lifting the upper loading platform is carried out with special cable winches which consist of:
    • overload clutch system assembled in the gear of the winch (in case of overload of the upper deck or lifting already blocked upper deck the drive is disconnected),
    • protection against loosing of the cable on the drum and on the pulleys (in case of lowering already blocked upper deck the drum drive is disconnected).
  • Wagon can be used as a flat wagon thanks to lowering the upper deck to the height 1500 mm from rail.
  • The running decks are treated with an anti-skid coating.
  • This wagon is equipped with a staff safety railing on the lower deck and protection plates on the upper deck.
  • Wagon can be equipped with brake pads produced by HONEYWELL (J816M), CoFren (C810), and Frenoplast (FR513)
  • This wagon is designed according to TSI, EN, Group Standards for EU traffic operation.


  • Transport of the vehicles with weight up 2.2 t.
  • The wagon is equipped with 68 wheel blockers operable by feet.
  • Loading possibilities depending of the dimensions of the vehicles.

Table of load limits 

basing on the payload of wheelsets (20 t):





30 t

34 t

34 t

120 km/h

00.0 t

00.0 t

00.0 t

Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.




Wagon length over buffers  31,000 mm 
Underframe length  14,560 mm 
Buffer / coupler axis height above ToR
(empty, new car) 
1,030 / 1,010 mm 
Wheelbase  10,000 mm 
Distance between end axles  25,200 mm 
Wheel diameter  840 mm 
Brake blocks  Jurid 816 M, Cosid 810, Frenoplast 
Brake type  KE-GP-A(K)-2x10" 
Parking brake  Operated from ground level 
Buffer type  Category A, stroke 105 mm 
Screw coupling on the end of the unit  850 kN 
Draw gear with draw hook on the end of the unit  1,000 kN 
Draw gear in the middle of the unit  1,200 kN 
Short crew coupling in the middle of the unit  1,200 kN 
Automatic coupler adjustment (UIC 530-1)  No 
Weight of empty wagon  Approx. 34.0 t* 
Maximum load weight  34.0 t 
Maximum axle load  20.0 t 
Maximum load on the lower deck  17.0 t 
Maximum load on the upper deck  17.0 t 
Loading gauge G1 EN 15273-2