8-axle short coupled intermodal wagon (Megafret)

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Sffggmrrss 3D


  • This low two platformed intermodal wagon on 4 bogies (8 axles) is suitable for carrying 20‘ , 30‘, 40‘ containers and swap bodies classified in UIC 592 in symmetrical and asymmetrical load configurations on the entire length.
  • The total length of the wagon is optimized using a short coupling system between the 2 low platforms.
  • The wagon design meets the requirements of TSI, EN, UIC standards and has TEN GE marking for traffic operation.
  • The UIC 596-6 is fulfilled by the wagon that has also “C” marking on; a payload of 89.0 t on both platforms is possible.


Containers according to UIC 592 (ISO 668) and swap bodies according to UIC 592, in compliance with UIC 596-6:

  • Series 1 freight containers – 1CX, 1C, 1CC, 1BX, 1B, 1BB, 1AX, 1A, 1AA n Symmetrical swap bodies – (20), (21), 22, 23, 24, (26), (30), (31), 40, 42, (44), (45)
  • Asymmetrical swap bodies – (60), (81), 82, (84), (85), (86), (91), (94), 96

Loading possibilities are in accordance with loading diagram.

Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.

Axle load16.0 t / axle
Track gauge1,435 mm
Loading gaugeG1-TSI / W6a GB
Brake regime"SS"
Brake typeGP-A (K)
Max. speed at 135,0 t100 km/h
Max. speed at 120,0 t120 km/h
Climate conditionT1
Rmin (single wagon)75.0 m
Length over buffers36,440 mm
Tare weight~ 39.0 t
Payload~ 89.0 t
Loading height825 mm
Bogie typeY33-K
Wheel diameter730 mm
Bogie wheel base2,000 mm
Coupling innerPermanent
Number of ct. spigots32