Sleeper carrier

Railway sleepers transport wagon

Sleeper carrier 3D
Sleeper carrier 3D


  • The on-track machine, known as Sleeper carrier, brings and transport old and new railway sleepers, which will be stored in pallets.
  • The gantry transportation crane runs on two lateral rails at 20 km/h to bring pallets from the store (wagons) to the track renewal train.
  • Lateral and frontal protection walls prevent the falling of sleepers.
  • Sleeper carrier is certified under the following standards:
    • IN 1418 for running on the French network,
    • NFF 58002 for working on the French network.
    • Directive 2006/42 EC.


    • The on-track machine is able to carry four pallets all charged with forty sleepers (5 layers of 8 sleepers spaced with wooden batten).
    • The machine is equipped by outside illumination and electrical wiring 230 V AC.
    • Rmin at running mode when the bridges connect the wagons is 150 m.

      Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.

      Track gauge1,435 mm
      Running gaugeG1-TSI
      Max. speed – running mode100 km/h
      Max. speed – working mode70 km/h
      Climate conditionT1-TSI
      Rmin – running mode80.0 m
      Rmin – working mode350.0 mm
      Maximum track cant180.0 mm
      Length over buffers13,040 mm
      Tare weight19.8 t
      Max. weight in running mode70.6 t
      Max. weight in working mode97.0 t
      Bogie typeY25Lsd-KP1 (modified for on-track machine)