Smmnps Slab Wagon

4-axle steel product wagon

Smmnps Slab Wagon 3D
Smmnps Slab Wagon 3D


  • The freight wagon is designed for transportation of hot steel slabs, primarily between Swedish steel manufacturers and processors.
  • The car fulfill SJ’s General Technical Specification for Freight Car (GTSF) and all relevant requirements for international operation according to TSI, EN, RIV and UIC mentioned in the GTSF. The underframe and bolster beams are designed for a future raise of axleload to 30.0 tons.
  • Also the running gear will be able to be accepted for a future raise of axload to 30.0 tons on Swedish tracks.
  • All components connected on steel car structure are function under extreme winter conditions such as packing snow, ice and temperatures down to – 40°C, as well as under heat radiation and convection coming from slab surface temperature.


  • Hot steel slabs with max. surface temperature 350° C
  • Payload 79,3 t

Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.

Axle load25.0 t / axle
Track gauge1,435 mm
Loading gauge (without bolster beams)G1-TSI
Loading gauge Sweden (with bolster beams)BVF 586.20 Gauge F+A
Brake regime”S”
Brake typeIntegrated Clasp Brake System (ICB )
Max. speed (loaded)100 km/h
Max. speed (unloaded)120 km/h
Climate conditionTn
Rmin (coupled/single)100.0 m / 70.0 m
Buffer typeCategory C, UIC 526-1
Screw couplin850 kN, UIC 826
Draw gear1000 kN / 21 kJ, UIC 520
Length over buffers13,900 mm
Tare weight20.7 t
Max. wagon height2,388 mm
Loading Length – within end pockets12,052 mm
Maximum loading width – within bolster lateral stops2,975 / 2,601 mm
Bolster lateral stop height over T.O.R.2,140 mm
Loading height of unloaded car over T.O.R – support beams A1,700 mm
Loading height of unloaded car over T.O.R – support beams B1,620 mm
Bogie typeAxle Motion III
Wheel diameter920 mm