4-axle special hopper wagon



  • The on-track machine, known as Super Self Discharging and Charging Train, consists of 5-unit permanently coupled rakes. Rakes are equipped by the conveyor loading system (upper conveyors) and conveyor discharging system (lower conveyors). Conveyors are working simultaneously – 
  • dual flow principle.
  • The SSDCT is a technological part of specialized track renewal train. The rake consists of 
  • 1 outer unit (unit B), 3 inner units (units A) and one outer power unit (unit C).
  • SSDCT is certified under the following standards:
    • IN 1418 for running on the French network,
    • NFF 58002 for working on the French network.
    • Directive 2006/42 EC.


    • The SSDCT lower and upper conveyors are able to transport:
      • the new ballast, well calibrated, coming directly from the stone pit (31.5 - 50 mm granularity in general). The calculated material density is 1.7 t/m3.
      • the old ballast coming from the track bed through the excavating machine. This ballast may be sticky, muddy and melt with old steel components coming from the track.
    • The on-track machine is equipped by variety of sensors, inside cameras, outside illumination, it is controlled by the PLC and it communicates with the other machines of the track renewal train.
    • The machine is equipped with 10 bar air piping and couplings for cleaning works as well as with water spray dust suppression system.

      Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.

      Axle load22.5 t / axle
      Track gauge1,435 mm
      Running gaugeG1-TSI
      Max. speed – running mode100 km/h
      Max. speed – working mode700 m/h
      Climate conditionT1-TSI
      Rmin – running mode
      (single 5-unit rake)
      125.0 m
      Rmin – working mode350.0 m
      Maximum track cant180.0 m
      Length over buffers63,130 mm
      Tare weight of units
           Inner unit A29.2 t
           Outer unit B30.9 t
           Outer power unit C35.2 t
      Material of boxCarbon steel
      Bogie typeY25Lsdi(f)-KC1 (with CFCB brake unit and  
      hand brake, modified for on-track machine)