Tagnpps 130 m³

4-axle grain hopper wagon

Tagnpps 130 m³ 3D
Tagnpps 130 m³ 3D


  • This self discharging covered hopper is suitable for transport of bulk loads-grain, with low density, which need to be protected against weather condition.
  • Loading opening is covered with movable roof.
  • Three hoppers, each with a pair of cylindrical doors.
  • The wagon is designed according to TSI, EN, UIC for GE operartions.


    • The wagon is loaded from the top after the roof is opened. Roof is manualy operated from end platform.
    • The wagon is unloaded from the bottom through three pairs of doors, manually operated from both wagon sides – each pair separately. Transported material is unloaded between the rails.
    • Tigtheness of unloading openings is max. 1mm.

      Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.



      Axle load22.5 t / axle
      Track gauge1,435 mm
      Loading gaugeG1-TSI
      Brake regime”S”
      Brake typeKE-GP-A (K)
      Max. speed tare wagon and loaded
      up to 14,5 t / axle
      120 km/h
      Max. speed– loaded from 14.5 t / axle
      up to 22,5 t / axle
      100 km/h
      Climate conditionT1
      Rmin (single wagon)75.0 m
      Length over buffers20,000 mm
      Tare weight~ 22.0 t
      Payload~ 68.0 t
      Loading opening18,000 x 800 mm
      Unloading opening3 x 2 x 450 x 1,400 mm
      Bogie typeY25 Lsdi(f)-KC1 (CFCB brake)