Tanpps 55 m³ - T05A

4-axle hopper wagon for UK

Tanpps 55 m³ - T05A 3D
Tanpps 55 m³ - T05A 3D


  • This four-axle box wagon is suitable for transportation of sand and aggregate.
  • The wagon is designed to use on the UK market and meets the requirements of TSI.
  • Unloading direction – between the rails only.


  • Wagon is equipped with pneumatically operated top and bottom doors.
  • The bottom doors are individually operated, independent of each other.
  • The bottom doors are equipped with flow control system.
  • Wagon is equipped with one weighing valve.

Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.

Axle load25.4 t / axle
Track gauge1,435 mm
Loading gaugeW6A-TSI
Brake regime”S”
Brake shoeTMD804
Max. speed at 101.6 t100 km/h / 60 mph
Max. speed at 25.0 t (unloaded)120 km/h / 75 mph
Climate conditionT1
Rmin (single wagon)75.0 m
Tare weight24.9 t
Payload76.7 t
Capacity55.0 m3
Body plates4 mm top, 5 mm bottom – S355J2W
Bogie typeLN25