2-axle bogie, 22.5 t / axle, with standard push brake

Y25Lsd-KP1 3D
Y25Lsd-KP1 3D


  • The bogie is a development from the standard Y25 series. The bogie frame is fabricated without front and back transverse beams.
  • The brake is simpler, asymmetric, suitable for as called “push” brake and can equip a wide range of freight wagons.
  • The optimized bogie weight of 4,035 kg is designed and TSI certified, and can be used for TEN RIV traffic operation, as well.


      • The bogie could be equipped with weighing valve, upper central pivot.
      • The bogie can be assembled with different equipment according to customer requirements.

        Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.




        Axle load22.5 t / axle
        Track gauge1,435 mm
        Loading gaugeG1-TSI
        Brake regime”S” or ”SS”
        Brake shoeK
        Brake shoe holderBgu
        Max. speed at 22.5 t / axle100 km/h
        Max. speed at 18 t / axle120 km/h
        Climate conditionT1
        Tare weightFrom 4,035 kg to 4,200 kg