2-axle bogie, 22.5 t / axle

Y25Ls(s)(d)i(f)1-K 3D
Y25Ls(s)(d)i(f)1-K 3D


  • This special type of bogie with integrated brake is suitable for furnishing of various types of freight wagons where there is a problem with brake installation directly onto the wagon.
  • The bogies are TSI certificated, in different variations: Y25Ls(d)i, Y25Ls(d)i-K, Y25Ls(s)(d)i-K, Y25Ls(d)if, Y25Ls(d)if-K, Y25Ls(s)(d)if-K.
  • The bogie is designed and approved as interoperability constituents in accordance with TSI.
  • May be used for RIV and TEN RIV traffic operation.


    • The bogie could be equipped with weighing valve, upper central pivot and hand brake.
    • The bogie is variable and has the possibility to be assembled with different equipment accordingto customer requirements.

      Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.



      Axle load22.5 t / axle
      Track gauge1,435 mm
      Loading gaugeG1-TSI
      Brake regime”S” or ”SS”
      Brake shoeK or P10
      Brake shoe holderBg or Bgu
      Max. speed at 22.5 t / axle100 km/h
      Max. speed at 18 t / axle120 km/h
      Climate conditionT1
      Tare weightFrom ~ 4,450 kg to ~ 4,700 kg (SS with P10)