Zacens 79 m³

4-axle tank wagon

Zacens 79 m³ 3D
Zacens 79 m³ 3D


  • The tank wagon is designed for the transportation of liquid chemical products compliant with the tank code L4BH.
  • The heating system consists of two separate half pipe channel circuits located under the tank. The tank is insulated with thermal insulation of 100mm thickness, which is covered with galva- nized (zinc-coated) steel plates.
  • The wagon design meets the requirements of RID, TSI, EN, UIC standards and has TEN GE marking for traffic operation.


  • The tank is loaded/filled according to the characteristics of the transported material, through the dome (fitted with flap cover secured with 4 screws) or through the DN 150 filling nozzle.
  • The tank is discharged through the lower side, through the discharge pipe DN 100 or, as an option, through the upper side of tank, by means of a deep pipe.
  • Bottom valve is operated through a mechanical bilateral operating device.

Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.




Axle load22.5 t / axle
Track gauge1,435 mm
Loading gaugeG1-TSI
Brake regime”S”
Brake typeKE-GP (K), MH-GP-(K)
Max. speed for 90,0 t100 km/h
Max. speed (unloaded)120 km/h
Climate conditionT1
Rmin (single wagon)35.0 m
Length over buffers15,860 mm
Effective volume~ 78.5 m3
Tank central slope
Calculation pressure10 bar
Max. operating pressure3 bar
Tare weight~ 24.0 t
Payload~ 66.0 t
Bogie typeY25Lsd-KP1
Heating temperaturemax. 190° C
Material of equipmentCarbon steel