Zags 112 m³

4-axle gas tank wagon

Zags 112 m³ 3D
Zags 112 m³ 3D


  • This tank wagon is designed for transportation of liquefied gas as per tank code P25BH.
  • This wagon is designed according to TSI, RID, GCU, DIN / EN, UIC for RIV and TEN GE traffic operation.


        • The tank is equipped with fittings for bottom filling and discharging operated from the rail level on both sides of the railcar.
        • For both gaseous and liquid charges bottom and side/end DN 80 valves are installed as a standard.
        • A DN 500 manway for the purpose of access to the tank is located on one of the tank heads.
        • A sun shield is installed on the top portion of the tank to prevent the tank from overheating.
        • The lowest temperature at which the tank can be filled is -40C.

          Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.



          Axle load22.5 t / axle
          Track gauge1,435 mm
          Loading gaugeG1-TSI
          Brake regime”S”
          Brake typeMH-GP (K), KE-GP (K)
          Max. speed for 90 t100 km/h
          Max. speed (unloaded)120 km/h
          Climate conditionT1
          Rmin (single wagon)35 m
          Distance between outer axles13,900 mm
          Length over buffers18,000 mm
          Effective volume~ 112,0 m3
          Tank central slopehorizontal
          Calculation pressure25 bar
          Tare weight~  32.0 t
          Payload~ 58.0 t
          Bogie typeY25Lsd-KP1