Zags 120 m³

4-axle gas tank wagon

Zags 120 m³ 3D
Zags 120 m³ 3D


  • This tank wagon is designed for transportation of liquefied hydrocarbons (LPG) as per tank code P25BH.

  • The wagon is designed and builted in according to RID and TSI regulations and corresponding EN / UIC standards. The wagon has TEN GE marking for traffic operation.



  • The wagon is equippedwith bottom valves unloading-loading fittings which are hydraulically controlled on both wagon sides from the track level.
  • There are T-pipes and side oblique valves DN 80 fitted for the liquid and gaseous phase. 
  • Additionally on the gas phase is a reduction (DN 80/DN 50) as a standard
  • Tank inspection is possible due to access through a DN 500 manway with a cover according EN 12561-6 located on the one of head tank.
  • A sun shield is installed on the top portion of the tank to prevent the tank from overheating
  • The lowest temperature at which the tank can be filled is -40 °C
  • Different loading and unloading equipment fitted on the tank can be adapted in accordance with customer requirements

Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.

Axle load 22.5 t / axle
Track gauge 1,435 mm
Loading gauge G1-TSI
Brake regime “S”
Brake type KE-GP (K)
Max. speed for 90.0 t 100 km/h
Max. speed (unloaded) 120 km/h
Climate condition T3
Rmin (single wagon) 35.0 m
Length over buffers 19,400 mm
Effective volume ~ 120.0 m3
Tank central slope Horizontal
Calculation pressure 25 bar
Tare weight ~ 34.1 t (BA314)
Payload ~ 55.9 t
Bogie type Y25Ls(s)1-K