Zags 53 m³

4-axle tank wagon

Zags 53 m³ 3D
Zags 53 m³ 3D


  • The 4-axle tank wagon is designed for the transport of liquefied chlorine (and, or sulfur dioxide), the tank code is P22DH and a test pressure 22 bar.
  • Tank has no openings below the surface of the liquid.
  • The wagon is designed and built in accordance with the RID and TSI regulations and corresponding EN / UIC standards. The wagon meets required the Swiss requirements “Gemeinsame Erklärung II (GE II)“, 2016”. The wagon has TEN GE marking for traffic operation.
  • Underframe is designed and equipped with protective shield at each end of the wagon in conformity with RID TE25 rules item d). Reinforced tank head in conformity with RID TE 25 rules item b).


  • The tank is loaded and unloaded through the valves DN40 mounted on the cover of manway DN500 on top of tank.
  • The valves for top loading and unloading are pneumatically controlled. There is a working platform around them, guaranteeing safe operation.
  • The wagon is equipped with reinforced components of draw gear and crash buffers with 
  • anti-climbing system. 
  • The working temperature of the tank -40 °C – +50 °C.
  • Derailment detector devices EDT101 and weighing valve are installed for complete wagon.
  • Two platforms on both sides of the wagon are installed.

Note: The descriptions provided herein are for general information purposes only.

Axle load 22.5 t / axle
Track gauge 1,435 mm
Loading gauge G1-TSI
Brake regime “S”
Brake type KE-GP-A (K) 2xCFCB (KEf distributor)
Max. speed for 90.0 t 100 km/h
Max. speed (unloaded) 120 km/h
Climate condition T1 or T3
Rmin (single wagon) 35.0 m
Length over buffers 12,500 mm
Effective volume Min. 53.0 m3
Tank central slope Horizontal
Calculation pressure 22 bar
Tare weight Max. 24.0 t
Payload Min. 66.0 t
Bogie type Y25Lsif-C-V/Y25Lsi-C or Y25Lsdif-KC1V/Y25Lsdi-KC1