Charting a course for the future

Greenbrier Europe is led by an experienced Europe-based management. The leadership team has decades of experience in railcar markets throughout Eastern and Western Europe, as well as experience in emerging markets around the world. Greenbrier Europe offers manufacturing and service capability in Europe with greater scale and efficiency for current customers.

Greenbrier Europe includes all European operations of Wagony Świdnica and Astra Rail. Currently, Wagony Świdnica and Astra Rail each operate three locations performing new railcar manufacturing, engineering and repair services. Wagony’s sites are in Poland and Astra Rail’s are in Romania.

The Greenbrier Companies
Greenbrier Europe is a company of the Greenbrier Companies headquartered in the USA.

Seven high-performance facilities

In June 2017, The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. (NYSE: GBX) and Astra Rail Management GmbH merged and began operating under the name Greenbrier Europe. It covers the activities of Greenbrier’s European operations headquartered in Świdnica, Poland and Arad, Romania. It is led by an experienced Europe-based management team from both companies. Greenbrier Europe offers high-end freight wagon  manufacturing, innovative engineering, repairs and refurbishments and customer service.

The management is focused on promoting the sustainable and long-term development of the Group in its evolution into a technologically and financially strong market leader in Europe’s rail industry. Long-term thinking takes precedence over short-term profit-driven considerations.

Sales markets
Greenbrier Europe’s key sales markets are mainly the countries of the European Union (EU).



Arad is the seat of Astra Rail Industries’ headquarters. Bogies and freight wagons are produced on a covered area of 150,000 square meters.


Production, maintenance and refurbishment of freight wagons and bogies on a covered area of 114,000 square meters.

Drobeta-Turnu Severin

Production, maintenance and repair of freight wagons on a surface area of 93,000 square meters. This is where production began more than 140 years ago.



Based on long-standing experience in developing, producing and servicing of many types of freight wagons and innovative bogies.


Geographically close to important rail lines in Poland and with proven 70 years’ experience in repairs, revisions, complex overhauls and refurbishment projects.


Based in the southeastern part of Poland, the service and repair workshop is the partner of choice for rail-freight operators acting in the eastern Poland.



The facility located in Adana produces new freight wagons and parts. It also provides services of repair and maintenance.