Repair and maintenance

Inspection and repair

Greenbrier Europe’s customers can rely on us long after their freight wagon or bogie has been delivered. We view expert inspection at defined intervals and repair as an important mainstay and guarantee of long-term customer satisfaction. Our Severin, Oława and Tarnobrzeg factories are specialized in this field. Greenbrier Europe’s repair services have been certified under VPI.

Alongside premium products and competitive prices, reliability, delivering to deadlines and comprehensive service are an integral part of what we do.

Long after purchasing, our customers are supported by our service excellence and can rely on their personally assigned contact in the company. Service in our company means that we carry out maintenance and repair on railcars and bogies and if necessary, completely refurbish them.

One of the unique selling propositions of our services includes the developing and testing of technical equipment and railcars. As part of this exceptional service, we operate three prestigious engineering offices and a testing laboratory.

Repair and maintenance services