Parts and components


Alongside complete freight cars, we also supply all the relevant parts and components. This enables us to ensure the long-term availability of spare parts and that our freight cars operate smoothly and safely as part of our customers' rolling stock fleets.

Greenbrier Europe with the plant in Caracal offers a comprehensive portfolio of premium welded and cast parts right through to complete finished components for freight wagons. Our specialists will be happy to help you order the right parts for your particular replacement needs.

A selection from our product range:

  • Running gear and bogie parts
  • Draw and buffer gear parts
  • Replacement parts for compressed air brakes and handbrakes
  • Wagon add-on components
  • Accessories for tanks and compressed gas tanks
  • Heating systems
  • Parts for platforms and ladders
  • Signs and lettering
  • Superstructure and signalling technology
  • Forged parts
  • Other components