Greenbrier Europe – Locations


Greenbrier Europe has six high-performance production sites for freight wagons and bogies in Romania and Poland.

Greenbrier Europe has successfully ramped up its manufacturing capability through the continuous development, technical improvement and modernisation of its production lines. 


Arad is the seat of AstraRail Industries' headquarters. Bogies and freight wagons are produced on a covered area of 150,000 square metres.



Production, maintenance and refurbishment of freight wagons and bogies on a covered area of 114,000 square metres. It is the most recent addition. 


Turnu Severin

Production, maintenance and repair of freight wagons on a surface area of 93,000 square metres. This is where production began more than 130 years ago. 


The Greenbrier Companies

Świdnica Manufacturing
Based on long-standing experience in developing, producing and servicing of all kinds of rail- freight wagons and innovative bogies.


Olawa Repair & Refurbishment
Geographically close to important rail lines in Poland and with proven 70 years’ experience in repairs, revisions, complex overhauls and refurbishment projects.


Tarnobrzeg Repair and Rental
Based in the southeastern part of Poland the service and repair workshop is the partner of choice for rail-freight operators acting in the eastern Poland.